Fisher-Price Spacesaver High chair Review

Fisher-Price Spacesaver High chair Review

Fisher-Price Spacesaver High chair ReviewTechnological advancement and the advent of modern-day research affords us the opportunity of having products with less complexity still having the ability to perform the same function as the complex ones.

This comparative advantage is what the Fisher price space saver high chair thrives on. How is that achieved?

The product makes available for you a portable chair having the ability to perform the same function as a full sized chair. It is specifically designed to give your child luxurious comfort incomparable to the price at which it is sold.

It comes with restraint features which can be adjusted to fit the child firmly on the chair without the fear of the child falling off hence it’s an indispensable gadget for nursing mothers with little or no help around the house so as to carry on with other activities.

Another delighting feature of this chair is that it isn’t limited to infants alone that is, even as your child grows from been an infant to a toddler, some parts of the chair can be removed and adjusted to comfortably sit a toddler.

With easy straps which can be fastened to any kind of chair, this product isn’t limited to any part of the house.

Fisher-Price Spacesaver High chair Review | 5 Major Features

1. A Restraint System                                             

For children who haven’t learnt the art of sitting properly, this feature is an essential component of the chair.

Adults might not be around all the time to hold the baby in place in case of a fall so this is made of sturdy cloth just like most straps to hold the child firmly in a right sitting position.

Mothers with very active children will also find this very helpful as it helps in controlling the child’s movement thereby restraining the child from areas around the house that could be dangerous for the child.

2. The Link

Every mother always has the need to make use of bibs, napkins etc when feeding the child and sometimes these are not very accessible because they are not within their reaches. This link is called the fast finder link as it helps to hold napkins, towels and even toys in place.

You do not need to worry anymore about where the napkins are, the product provides you with enough space where they can be hung and are readily available for use.

The dangling toys on the link also fascinate the child thereby engaging the child in the absence of an adult around.

3. The Tray

This is an additional feature that makes the fisher price space saver high chair highly sought after and recommendable products for shoppers of mother care materials.

The chair comes with a tray whose function is not to hold the baby in place [the restraint system does this] but to provide a better feeding experience for the child and also the mother.

The tray sits comfortably on the product, holds the child’s dish in place, is dishwasher friendly and could also serve as an armrest for the child.

4. Added Security

Asides the restraint system which holds the child firmly, this product also comes with added security which is a 5point to 3point restraint so both mother and child are assured of safety while the product is in use.

It also comes with a wipe-able seat pad so, in the advent of a stain, the seat pad can be cleaned and dried. Worthy to note also is the fact that the seat pad is machine washable.

An additional feature is that it comes with straps with which it can be attached to any kind of chair including kitchen and dining chairs. In a nutshell, users are assured of safety with the use of this product.

5. Carrying Capacity

The product as earlier mentioned, functions just as a full sized chair having the ability to carry conveniently the child’s weight.

Due to its in-built strength and sturdiness, it could go from being a high chair to a toddler booster seat, therefore, having the ability to perform a dual function.

The strength this product possesses enables this without it breaking or wearing out easily.

Why Should You Use Fisher-Price Spacesaver high chair?

1. Space-saver

The product is very compact and portable hence it gives you the privilege of saving up space around the house which can be used for other things. It is designed in such a way that it would cause no obstruction whatsoever when in use.

2. Washable parts

Both the seat pad and tray were made with materials that qualify them to be washed in other to enjoy maximum satisfaction.

The seat can be easily wiped in case there is any stain on it and is also machine washable. The tray also can be easily removed from the chair to be washed and it is also dishwasher safe.

3. Highly functional

Due to its outstanding features and well-crafted design, this product is of topmost functionality, it is highly indispensable and of great value to every nursing mother. As the child grows from infancy to being a toddler, the product still remains a valuable possession.

4. Easy to store

When not in use, it can be easily stored in a safe place in the house and this still boils down to the fact that it was designed to provide convenience and ease to the buyer.

5. Customers’ Reviews

Previous users of this product have highly recommended it for use due to its functionality and are perfect for smaller spaces. Older parents having their grandchildren around have also found it very helpful due to its adjustable height and it’s easy to clean feature.

Product Benefits

  • The product is exceptionally easy to put together
  • Nice looking and highly functional for any child
  • Portable, thereby saves space
  • Machine washable seat pad and dishwasher safe tray
  • A reliable restraint system and a 5point to 3point restraint for added security
  • Easily stored up when not in use
  • Easy straps which can be fastened to kitchen and dining chairs
  • Removable pad and back to make a toddler booster seat when the baby gets older

The Negative Things

  • Pay attention to the gaps on both sides of the design to prevent the baby from getting injured.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How easy is it to remove and replace the tray?

Answer:  It is super easy, the tray comes off and on easily. Once one side is out, the other side will pop off too.

  1. Does this chair swivel side to side or does it not move?

Answer: It doesn’t swivel, the back part reclines a little though.

  1. Question: Is there a specific type of chair you have to attach this to?

Answer: Not really, just make sure the chair you’re using is big enough to support the portable chair. You can also double check the measurement before ordering.

  1. Question: What are the straps made of and how do you clean them?

Answer: The straps are sturdy cloth/plastic type just like most straps are made of. Just use soap and water to clean.

  1. How easy is it to use?

Answer: Of course, it is.

Final Verdict

The Fisher-Price Spacesaver high chair is very incredible and a highly recommendable product for anyone in search of the right chair for a child. It won the Mom Picks Award in the year 2017 as chosen by Parents baby center.

With such a review as this which gives a comprehensive detail of what to expect from your purchase.

You’re urged without any further ado to purchase this product which is the best of its kind you can ever get thereby providing your child with an unforgettable childhood experience.


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