How to Fold Cosco High Chair? Learn the 8 Easy Steps

Learn the 8 Easy Steps How to Fold Cosco High Chair

Learn the 8 Easy Steps How to Fold Cosco High ChairHighchairs are known generally as a superb tool in developing children, both in mental and physical form, so as to help them grow.

Highchairs can be used for quite a lot of reasons. A highchair can be used for rolling one’s baby from one room to another. It can be used also for trapping infants to a confined area.

As a matter of fact, parents use it to feed their babies so as to avoid convulsion while feeding them in an unbalanced manner. Apparently, one can now vividly attest that it has enormous importance.

Mind you! The feature of a highchair depends on how it’s being constructed. However, what makes the Cosco highchair our “specimen” is because it can easily be saved just like most amazing products out there.

Of course, I’m quite sure that you’re intrigued with this because you’d definitely want to save some spaces in your corners, right?

Definitely! Notwithstanding, that’s not the only intriguing feature that this product possesses. The cosco highchair is a luggable and safe product that you can ultimately depend on your baby.

The product is undoubtedly one of the best in the world. So, you can be pretty sure that this is one that you can use with ease.

However, let’s consider how to fold Cosco highchair as an expert.

8 Things to Consider about How to Cosco High Chair:

1. Cleaning of the Tray

The tray is always attached to the highchair so as to aid in the support and conveniences of the child.

Trays are used by babies for a lot of functions. For example, babies use it to rest their heads while feeling sleeping. They also use it has a table for eating their meals.

Definitely, a tray is one of the most indispensable parts of a Cosco highchair so you’d have to clean it. You can utilize a clean cloth to clean off the crumbs whenever you’re done or before using it.

In fact, you’d have to clean the tray properly so as to prevent staining your clothes with oil and so on.

2. Removal of the Tray

  • Check the seat of the highchair; right at the flank of the left-hand side, locate a knob-like protruded button that can be pushed.
  • The two buttons are on both sides. Just lay both hands on the buttons and press them simultaneously.
  • Once you’ve done that, you might hear a sound. Afterwards, lay your hand on the tray and shift it forward and backwards.
  • Ensure that the tray is not trapped on any of the 3 levels. However, just gently tilt and slice it out from the highchair.
  • Keep it in a safe place whenever you’re done so as to make sure that it lasts for a long period of time.

3. Cleaning of the seat

Meanwhile, you’d notice that some crumbs fall on the chair while you’re removing the trays so you’d also need to clean the seat.

The seat of the Cosco highchair has no crevice on it so it’s very easy to clean. The good thing about this product is that you can use a mild soap to clean this highchair.

It won’t be a hassle at all due to its compact design and it’s very easy to detach. Nonetheless, this product is not dishwasher safe but damp cloth can be used to wipe off the dirt surface of the highchair. Imbibing this act would keep you neat while you’re cleaning your seat.

4. Positioning

Stand behind the highchair and locate the two latches at the underside of the chair. You’d even see both behind the 2 grid poles that support the main seat.

Position yourself in such a way that your hand would easily reach the plain tip of the two latches.

Of course, the best place to stay is behind the chair. This would allow you to have an eagle eye over the parts of the whole chair and easily touch them.

5. Fold

  • Is either you lay your two thumbs on the latches and simultaneously push the latches or use a thumb to pull the latch upward while you use your hand to rotate the recline upward towards the surface of the seat.
  • Once you tilt it to a point that it makes a sharp “click” sound, then turn it back towards the legs.
  • Release the latch whenever you hear the sound. You’d notice that the back seat of the highchair become suddenly flexible to relax.
  • Just do this in a rotational manner towards the legs but make sure that you let go of the latch once it clicks.
  • You can even halt while you’ve caught the seat together with the backseat. Then use a single hand to fold the capture the legs and fold them all together.

6. Storage

Get a space in your wardrobe where you can save the highchair itself. However, the good thing about this product is that you can save it anywhere in your house regardless of the amount of space available.

It’s a compact highchair that comes in various colors. Of course, one can also agree that it’s a product that would provide you with the maximum comfort that you look forward to attaining.

7. Unfolding of the Cosco Highchair

  • The chair should be held close to your side and ensure that the legs are steadied to the ground.
  • Ensure that you position the ‘already’ folded Cosco highchair by your right-hand side. Also, endeavor that the highchair is facing a side that you’d be able to comfortably pull out both the main seat and back seat.
  • While pulling, ensure that you don’t stop pulling not until you hear a “click” sound.
  • Once you’ve done that, adjust the legs of the highchair so as to easily make it become steady.
  • Afterwards, you can fix the tray. Notwithstanding, you’d definitely find more pieces of information using the manual provided during delivery.

8. Repetition

The information that’s provided is factual and are reliable for the safe use of the highchair. Practicing these steps would aid the perfect use and durability of the highchair. Of course, this is the simplest way of using the Cosco highchair.

Final Verdict

This is just how to fold Cosco high chair as an expert. The article is highly magnificent in providing tips that anyone can carry out.

The tips that are provided are highly reliable and one can trust it even if they are not using Cosco highchairs. We hope that our amiable readers have got all that they came for.

It’s just a piece that can be used for folding all highchairs of the same structure as the Cosco highchair.


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