Inglesina Fast Table Chair Review

Inglesina Fast Table Chair Review

Inglesina Fast Table Chair ReviewFeaturing a convenient ergonomic table chair, Inglesina Fast Table Chair is of very high quality, durable and collapsible. The design has a closing system that folds flat and is also ultra-light adding onto its portability.

It is safe for the little one as it attaches firmly and securely to most of the tables which supplements its expedience. It is virtually indestructible and easy to clean thus upholding hygiene for the little one.

This compatible high chair ensures your child dines in the comfortable home. Made of durable aluminum materials, the chair is lightweight hence facilitates portability

The chair is highly recommended since it is one of the best portable chairs available. Very simple to setup. The unit is attractively designed and can last longer than most of the high chairs in the market.

Inglesina Fast Table Chair Review/ 5 major features

1. Compatibility and simplicity

Inglesina Fast Table Chair is designed with expertise to allow for travelling. This is further complemented by its compatibility with most tables.

The high quality design is scratch free and therefore gives you the confidence to use it with each and every table wherever you visit.

Additionally, you will no longer have to hustle for a place with a particular table design or be restricted to a particular place due to their table design. The table chair is therefore frustration free and expedient.

The sturdy construction is safe, featuring twist tight coupling with most tables. This does not compromise its simplicity whatsoever.

2. Convenience and Safety

Inglesina Fast Table Chair has a durable carry bag that is spacious allowing you to keep items like snacks and wipes. The dining tray fits well in the roomy bag.

The carry bag is attached to the chair allowing for quick access and ensuring that it will never be lost or forgotten during travelling.

The elegant table chair is safe for the child and will at no point detach from the table when the child is sitting. To crown it all, it is compliant to the very demanding American Society for Testing and materials (ASTM) F1235-15 standards.

It has therefore been approved by the organization which operate globally to look out for consumer safety specification for hook-on chairs.

3. Easy to clean and ergonomic design

Cleaning Inglesina Fast Table Chair is a breeze. The high quality designed is made with a premium material that is stain and scratch resistant. This ensures that the much needed hygiene is maintained especially at that vital age.

The table chair is made with a durable material which does not change due to cleaning. The sturdy construction is therefore one that you will use and reuse for as long as you need it.

The ergonomic design is made with the baby and the care giver in mind. It folds flat and setting it up does not require any tools or expertise.

Note: the table chair is ideal for kids from 6 month to 3 years of age. Overloading it reduces its service.

4. Dinning tray

Inglesina Fast Table Chair has an optional dinning tray that snaps easily on to the table chair. The dining tray has deep borders that is around the food which helps keep the food in the tray.

Kids, just like the rest of us requires back rest. The table chair is very firm and comfy for the little one as it offers a raised back rest. This helps deal with the very common problem of restlessness in most children especially during eating as the child is very comfortable.

5. Collapsible and lightweight

Travelling with a chair either by public or private means or even by foot is most people’s worst nightmare. When a chair is mentioned, what comes to mind is a heavy in collapsible design that will barely fit anywhere with ease.

Inglesina Fast Table Chair is highly portable; featuring a closing system that folds flat. The collapsible design makes travelling very relaxed. It has a durable carry bag that is spacious which makes travelling easier.

It is very easy to pack allowing you to carry it along without strain. The portable design is lightweight, weighing around 4.2 pound which adds on to its portability. This assures you a hustle free travel.

Why Should You Use Inglesina Fast Table Chair?

1. Ease of use

The high chair features twist-tight coupling which makes it easy to place the chair securely onto different surfaces. It is compatible and fits tables with vertical skirts and curved edges.
All of its features make the chair trustworthy to travel with. Your baby will be supported well and will be comfortable on this chair. The seat is soft and breathable.

2. Safety and quality

Inglesina fast table chair is made of exceptional materials. These materials have strong rubberized arms and excellent functioning twist-tight coupling mechanism. The chair feels sturdily in almost every surface.

It is equipped with an adjustable three point harness, the side padding and seat back height of around 10.5 inches which is enough to keep the baby in place comfortably and safely.

3. Portable

It has an included carrying bag to help you carry the chair easily. You can easily carry the chair from one room to another or from one place to another. You can easily handle the chair and carry it to anywhere.

4. Great value for your money

The Inglesina is absolutely well priced for the quality it offers and its functionality. This product can be used from 6 to 36 months and offers perfect value. The parent cannot regret purchasing this high chair.

You will definitely get more than what you expected. This is because it is well equipped with features that enable it give maximum quality for fair price.

5. Durable

When it comes to durability, no high chair is better than the Inglesina. It is made of strong materials that make the item last for long. The straps are strongly attached and make it easier when you are carrying the high chair.

Product Benefits

  • The seat is padded
  • It is lightweight
  • It is sturdy
  • Easy to attach into indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Folds up compactly
  • High backrest to accommodate toddlers and babies
  • Optional tray attachment
  • Enough storage pocket

The Negative Things

      • Tricky to wipe
      • You cannot use the chair on glass tables

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which country is this product made?


  1. How far can the clamps go?

Five to six inches

  1. Can you wash it with the machine?

Yes it is machine washable

  1. Does it work with the tablecloth?

Absolutely yes

  1. Can it hold a 37 pound baby?

Yes it holds

Final Verdict

With the ever advancing technology, table chairs are literally flooded in market. While this has made the prices lower, it has made the decision on the table chair you want to purchase a tough one.

Inglesina Fast Table Chair however stands out with comprehensive information about it being available readily online. This ensures that you do not purchase the seat blindly. The sturdy design is durable and good-looking and absolutely worth your money.


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