Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center Review

Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center Review

Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center ReviewWhether it is a baby boy or a baby girl, everything your child needs to play with for quality development is in this frustration free, high quality unisex toy. Made with great expertise, this is the product for parents who are looking for quality.

Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Centre is designed with expertise to ensure that tracking skills, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination amongst others are achieved. It is well designed to ensure that your child is entertained.

With this product, the child is also able to relate different things like sound and light. The stylish design offers firm foundation for lifetime learning. It enables better growth of the child.

Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center Review/ 5 Major Feature

1. Spinning wheel

Anything that is rotating is fascinating for each and every baby. Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Centre has a spinning wheel. This will undoubtedly catch every baby’s attention.

The baby is heartened to reach it, flap and pull thus enhancing hand-eye coordination. The high quality toy therefore acts as a very important tool for stimulating the brain of your little one and ensuring that they are able to coordinate.

The skill acquired lasts for a lifetime enabling them participate in many activities that demand hand-eye coordination.  They will definitely grow stronger with sharp minds of identifying things.

2. Frustration free play

At this very delicate age, everything seems to mean something and will usually have some effect on the child’s later life.

You definitely do not want a toy that will keep frustrating the baby which definitely has a negative effect to the child. This flawless toy is however frustration free.

This is due to a very unique suction cup base that allows it to attach to various flat surfaces without toppling over. The baby is therefore able to play without any disappointments whatsoever.

3. Centerpiece spinners

The high quality toy has centerpiece spinners. This is a very imperative feature when it comes to motor skills and visual tracking.

Fine motor skills development is vital as it helps the child achieve tasks such as writing and feeding which are very key. The skills allows for use of small muscles such as the ones that control the hand.

Visual skills on the other hand are equally important as they enable eye coordination. This solves the possible problem of a child not being able to read lines following each other where they end up skipping some.

This in the long run results to a child being a slow reader. Subsequently, it is a skill that you do not want your little one to miss on. Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center is apposite for children who are 6 months and above.

4. Bright colors

Most of us are attracted by brightly colored objects. The attraction is even more in babies. Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Centre is made specially with colorful beads. The beads are cascading which allows the little one associate light to sound.

The different textures encourages the baby to explore more which at the end of the day enhance the baby’s physical exploration. This is a skill that you definitely do not want your child to miss on.

5. Ergonomic

The frustration free, high quality toy is ergonomic. As a matter of fact it has been designed with expertise to ensure that safety, comfort and to lessen fatigue while the child is playing.

It is lightweight, weighing around ounces and its suction cups makes it very easy for you to place it near the baby without strain.

Anything that a baby uses needs regular thorough cleaning. The elegant toy is easy to clean allowing you maintain hygiene for the little one without strain. The wheel in the Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Centre spins easily which is actually a plus.

Why Should You Use Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center?

1. Quality performance

The main reason why you should use sassy wonder wheel activity center is because of its incredible quality. This toy performs absolutely well and ensures that your baby is comfortable and entertained while relaxing.

It is comfortable, easy to use and clean and it is easily boosts the sharpness of the baby brain.

2. Advanced features

In addition to its high performance, the toy is equipped with advanced features that facilitate its excellent performance. It has features such as the centerpiece spinners that enhance the visual tracking.

The centerpiece also strengthen the fine motor skills. The spinning wheel encourages your child to reach and develop the hand-eye coordination.

3. Impressive design

Nothing brings joy to the parent than seeing the baby happy and comfortable. Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center brings that happiness greatly. The high chair is bright and colorful.

Its design captures the attention of the baby. The child will be mesmerized by a spinning wheel and the baby likes touching the wheel. The design of the product is attractively designed to be child friendly.

4. Ease of use

The sassy wonder wheel activity center has the five point restraint system which makes the chair a safe place for your child’s constant squirming. The moment you start using this toy, you will realize it is very easy to use.

The toy is also user friendly and you can easily convert it into the three point restraint system. This system will keep the child as safe and still very easy to use.

5. Affordability

This is absolutely fabulous. It looks great and offers great performance. The price of the product is relatively affordable. Its price does not affect the performance of the product. It gives high value at effective price.

Product Benefits

  • Ease of use
  • Features removable trays
  • Bright colors
  • It is ergonomic
  • The centerpiece spinners facilitates visual tracking
  • Cost effective
  • Attractive design

The Negative Things

  • Makes a lot of noise
  • Some users have complained it breaks down easily

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it a dishwasher safe?


  1. The product is specifically for what age child?

More than six months to 16 months old

  1. Does it make a lot of noise

Yes it makes

  1. Is it phthalate and bpa free?


  1. Which country is the toy manufactured?


Final Verdict

From the foregoing discussion, it is evident that Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Centre is one that you can trust for your child’s development.

It is designed with expertise to ensure that your child does not only enjoy it but also their development is nurtured.

With this quality toy, the brain of the child is stimulated and coordination is enhanced. It has undisputed durability and hence it is one that you will use and reuse and will remain a treasure to behold.


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