Tripp Trap Chair & Baby Set by Stokke Review

Tripp Trap Chair & Baby Set by Stokke Review

Tripp Trap Chair & Baby Set by Stokke ReviewThe Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair and baby Set is a chair in which ease of use, safety, comfort and durability has been fully achieved.

Being very comfortable to children as young as 6 months, the inimitable seat provides support and allows interaction with the rest of the family members which promotes confidence.

The sturdy construction is good-looking and elegant, a flashy touch in every home with children. The materials used to construct this unit is also safe and tested. They are nature hence the health of the baby is secured.

If you are the parent who value quality, then this product is for you. The chair offers great value for your money. You wont regret purchasing this product. This is the main source of comfort for your child.

Tripp Trap Chair & Baby Set by Stokke Review/ 5 Major Features

1. Safety

Trap Chair & Baby Set by Stokke has been designed with the knowledge of the safety of the little one in mind. It is made of safe materials like cultivated beech wood and recyclable plastic which are 100% safe for human use.

This ensures that your little one is not exposed to harmful chemicals which would have adverse effects to the child in their later life.

The premium construction is stable thus endorsing confidence and encourages the child participate and interact comfortably with the rest of the family members when they are as young as 6 months old.

2. Easy to clean

When it comes to children, hygiene is paramount. Baby products need regular, thorough cleaning in order to keep the child health. Tripp Trap Chair & Baby Set by Stokke is designed with this in mind.

It is very easy to clean and stays dry. The ergonomic design has removable plastic parts that are dishwasher safe which makes cleaning even easier. Upholding the hygiene for your little one has never been easier.

The user friendly design includes a tray that is expertly positioned to uphold comfort and lessen fatigue when the child is feeding.

3. Comfortable

At this delicate age, everything that happens to a child seems to have some meaning in their later life. This seat is designed with expertise to provide confidence, a virtue that you certainly do not want your child to miss on.

This allows your child to sit at the table with confidence even on their own. The ergonomic design provides stability and the much needed support for the little one solving the common problem of restlessness especially during meals.

It is very comfy, featuring baby rail and a hi-back. Your child will stay safe and entertained. He or she will have a good relaxing experience.

4. Durability

Tripp Trap Chair & Baby Set by Stokke is unquestionably durable. It is made of very durable of cultivated beech wood that is very strong. This ensures that the chair serves you for very long.

The remaining parts of the chair is made of recyclable plastic that is free of harmful chemical compounds that would further harm the child.

The sturdy construction is known for its outstanding durability and strength and this allows the little one to use it through to adulthood without breaking. Needless to say, it is a frustration free chair that is worth investing in.

5. Adjustable

Most seats in market today only keep the child very comfortable at a particular age after which they begin outgrowing the seat. This brings up the dire need of purchasing another one which after sometime they outgrow.

Tripp Trap Chair & Baby Set by Stokke however is an all in one solution. The sturdy construction is adjustable, which helps serve your child through as they grow to adulthood.

This ensures that the child is very comfortable all the time regardless of their height. It is very strong which allows your child use it even as they grow to adulthood without breaking.

This not only saves you the frustration of deserted chairs as the children grow into adulthood but also allows use by other children at home regardless of their height.

Why Should You Use Tripp Trap Chair & Baby Set by Stokke?

1. Easy to use

Using Tripp trap chair is very easy. It has red/green indicators that show the user if the chair has been mounted correctly. The removable arm is also available to make it easier for you to attach small toys that keep your baby entertained.

The pair of extended grinders also increases the backward stability of this high chair hence making your baby comfortable.

2. Portable

Compared to other highchairs, Tripp trap emerges to be the best high chair to use. This is because of its portability feature. The chair is portable and you can move with the chair to anywhere.

3. Offers great value for the money

Tripp trap chair itself may cost a lot of money but it offers great value for the money. This is a premium product with incredible quality and a worth investment for your home.

It is sleek, adaptable piece, smart and it is a product that will stand a test of time. With this chair, you can comfortably sit your child. This product is absolutely best for those parents who want to pay for quality.

4. Beautiful colors

In addition to its excellent quality, the Tripp trap high chair looks beautiful. Its made of colors that makes the item look amazing and appealing.

It looks great for those individuals who like seeing a natural wood grain. The child will definitely love this product because of its amazing colors.

5. Easy to assemble

Assembling Tripp trap high chair is very easy. It takes no time to put the chair together. It comes with eight pieces that are compact in the box.

All these pieces can be slot and screwed together with easiness. Assembling everything can take you ten minutes or less at maximum.

Product Benefits

  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Portable and can last for long time
  • Made of beautiful colors
  • Offers great value and quality
  • Offers enough safety
  • Comfortable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Gives an excellent side and back support for your child
  • Portable

The Negative Things

  • Much expensive compared to other high chairs in the market
  • Straps do not hold strongly

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Tripp trap compatible with stokke tray?


  1. Can it fit the old Tripp trap chair?

Absolutely yes

  1. Does it come with harness?


  1. What is the weight limit for the chair?

It has no weight limit but carries all the toddler and baby ages.

  1. Which color is the model?

Comes in different colors

Final Verdict

Whether it is a baby boy or a baby girl, Tripp Trap Chair & Baby Set by Stokke fits them all. The unisex chair is comfortable for all and is adjustable to ensure comfort as the child grows.

It is cost friendly as compared to most competitors with equal or less parameters and its availability in market will surely not disappoint. Users are pleased with the item because of its high performance.

This item wont disappoint you. It performs perfectly as indicated above. This is the product that is mostly recommended by many.


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